Pentecost Sunday 2014

Pentecost 2014, which falls 50 days after Easter, celebrates the descent of Holy Spirit on the Apostles and marks the end of Easter season. It was also a prominent festival in the ancient Israel calendar, celebrating the giving of the Law on Sinai.

When is Pentecost 2014?
Pentecost 2014 falls on Sunday, 8 June 2014

When is Pentecost 2013?
Pentecost 2013 falls on Sunday, 19 May 2013.

When is Pentecost 2012?
Pentecost 2012 falls on Sunday, 27 May 2012.

Pentecost 2014 Celebrations

Pentecost 2014 is celebrated in many countries such as Philippines, Australia, United States, and Ghana.

Pentecost 2014 in Philippines
This is the model of all novenas. It remembers the nine days between the descents of the Holy Ghost Ascension of Our Lord on the initial Pentecost Sunday. For the duration of this time Our Lady and the twelve Apostles called upon in the Cenacle for the upcoming of the Paraclete. Our Lord Himself set up this novena, and it is observed each year by the entire Church. Pentecost is an important holiday in Philippines.

Pentecost 2014 in Australia
A lot of churches in Australia center on subject matters on the subject of the Holy Spirit as part of the Pentecost Sunday services. Bible means of access looking in the lead of the Holy Spirit?s descent on Jesus? disciples are read aloud for the period of the services. A number of churches may sort out particular events, together with plays or weekend withdraws, where citizens talk about topics centered on Pentecost, together with the significance of the Holy Spirit?s offerings. Sunday school?s group of students and Bible study factions may also centered on the significance following Pentecost during this time.

Pentecost 2014 in United States
In the United States, Christians allocate their viewpoint on the subject of the sense of Pentecost as well as how the range of languages and way of lives can improve their adoration and companionship by means of each another. Christians observe Pentecost as a development of God’s good turn and concern from Judaism to each and every one person.

Pentecost 2014 in United Kingdom
Pentecost is a festive time for many Christians in the United Kingdom. A lot of churches have unique Pentecost checks for group – both associates and visitors – to gain more knowledge of Pentecost, its olden times and the importance of this occurrence in present times. Whit Sunday is called “Bread and Cheese Day” in Gloucestershire for the reason that of a previous practice that grips pitching bread and cheese. The Pentecost Festival is a Christian celebration in London for the duration of the Pentecost weekend. The celebration attributes a variety of events together with art, music, sport, and cultural actions. A lot of churches and Christian associations contribute in this festival.

Pentecost 2014 in Canada
A lot of churches in Canada have out of the ordinary Pentecost services. Bible passages observing the Holy Spirit’s descent on Jesus’ disciples are read aloud for the duration of the services. A number of churches may put in order unique actions, for instance Pentecost services at seniors? residences. Rhymes and songs offered to the Holy Spirit are read aloud or sung in a number of churches. Sunday school actions focus on the incidents that took place for the duration of the Pentecost, which is portrayed in the New Testament in the Christian Bible. Actions take account of puzzles and games, take-home pages that sum up what students gain knowledge of in class.

Pentecost 2014 in Ghana
At what had been through in what went before, security from witchcraft chants has turn out to be a general apprehension. In the past such security was wanted as of the sorcerers and medicine men or as of priests of the Gods.

Happy Pentecost 2014 !