Pulau Pangkor, literally means Beautiful Island, is a small island possessing great views of beaches and nature in Malaysia. Pulau Pangkor is as beautiful as the name with soft sand outspreading besides the blue sea. Many kinds of fishes and underwater animals makes this place a very suitable place for fishing. In this beautiful island, some resorts, golf fields, and dining places are built for the tourist to enjoy their vacation.

Pulau PangkorTo get a tour around the island, visitors can rent a taxi, motorcycles, or even bicycles from the hotel. Then, they can enjoy sightseeing the fishermen villages, traditional market, and small food stalls in the island. Wishing for a cheaper place to spend the night, visitors can book some cheap beach huts and guest houses available in Pulau Pangkor. The fee to rent the beach huts or guest houses is probably much cheaper than the hotel room rates but the facilities that the visitors can get are nearly the same.

Some such as monkeys, lizards, snakes, tortoises, and birds move freely in this island as their natural environment. These animals can be found anywhere in the village, besides the visitors’ hotel, near the restaurants, or at the beach. However, visitors need to be careful of the monkeys since they sometimes steal the visitors’ bags or their other belongings. Some rare animals like wild boars and cobras sometimes shows themselves up from the jungle in this island. People interested in observing natural behavior of animals in the natural environment have to come to Pulau Pangkor.

Pulau Pangkor

Getting hungry after sightseeing the great scenery of Pulau Pangkor, visitors can strike different taste of local culinary. The dishes offer in Pulau Pangkor is mostly seafood – fish, squids, grilled jellyfish, and anchovies. Most of the dishes are salty, yet tasty. If the visitors want to taste the food in their hometown, some traditional stalls selling the raw materials of the food with cheap prices are available.

Overall, visiting Pulau Pangkor for the vacation won’t be disappointing considering a lot of delightful activities that can be done in this island.