Pakistan keeps one of the most beautiful places in the world, Skardu Valley. Located in Skardu, a district of Pakistan, Skardu Valley is famous for its stunningly divine landscape of mountain and peaceful atmosphere. This place is very popular among the hikers who visit Skardu Valley to start their mountain hiking or to take a rest after finished their trekking. Some tourists exclusively come to Skardu Valley to soothe their mind by sightseeing the beauty of the valley.

Satpara Lake

Satpara Lake

In Skardu Valley, a precious lake called Satpara is located. Rather different with any other lake in the world, Satpara Lake has a green water lying quietly without any waves at all. The beautiful scenery in Satpara Lake is just like painting as if it doesn’t exist in the real world. The main source of water in the lake coming from the snow melting in the summer so that the water is clear and fresh. Until recently, a dam project has been establish in the lake in the purpose of providing irrigation and generating electricity for the villages near the lake.

Shigar Valley of Skardu

Shigar Valley

Shigar, a lovely valley in Skardu, is full of peculiar-shaped houses with crop fields surrounding each houses. Some villagers in Shigar village grow crops as their livelihood while some others sell things in the market near the village. In the end of the road where Shigar Valley takes place, New Bazaar is located. New Bazaar is the place where a lot of shops provides souvenirs, hiking equipments, and local foods for the tourists.

Skardu Valley is mostly visited by the tourists during April until October because the temperature is quite pleasant for about 8 until 27 degrees of Celsius. While during the winter period, especially on December until January, the temperature is very cold ranging between -10 until -25 degrees of Celsius. Only a few tourists visit this place during Winter since there isn’t much thing to do in such a freezing weather.