The day of love and affection is what people think when they hear about Valentine’s Day. Celebrated in February 14th every year, Valentine’s Day becomes the day when people confess and show their loves and affections to the admiring ones. In fact, it is not only the admiring-ones to whom people’s care and affection are given, but also to the families and friends. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in most countries in the world with the same purpose and intention – to show affection.



The history in which the Valentine’s Day began was not as sweet as its celebration every February 14th in many years later. It is derived from a famous legend in Italy about a soldier named Valentines who resisted the Roman Emperor’s policy which forbade every soldier to get married. Valentine stubbornly got married so that when Roman Empire found out about Valentine’s status, he commanded the other soldier to torture and kill Valentine. The day when Valentine was killed is believed as the beginning of the Valentine’s Day Celebration. As a matter of fact, there are many others legends about how Valentine’s Day started, but the legend about the soldier Valentine is the most popular one.


The most common tradition of people around the world in celebrating Valentine’s Day is by giving chocolate and flowers to the loved-ones. The flowers given are usually roses with red or pink colors as well as the wrappers of the chocolate. Together with the chocolates or roses, a greeting card consisting of romantic poetry or phrases are sent. The amount of greeting cards sent during the Valentine’s Day is approximately 1 billion per year. It shows how much people care about their lovers and families in Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Chocolate

Unique Facts about Valentine’s Day

Some unique facts related to Valentine’s Day are discovered as the following. First, according to the fact, men spend much more money during Valentine’s Day rather than women. Second, almost 3% of pets are given Valentine’s gifts by the owner. This fact shows that people aren’t only care about human beings but also animals. Third, up to 110 million of roses, mostly red, are sold during the Valentine’s Day as a cause of tradition to give red or pink roses to the lovers. Valentine’s Day always felt special for everyone having someone to be loved.