Bali, Indonesia, has many places to offer for your holiday, one place which should not be missed is Kuta. Some people said that “you haven’t visited Bali if you haven’t visited Kuta”, the phrase is almost true since Kuta is one of the most famous places in Bali. It offers the visitors an enchanting beach with tropical air and warm sunlight. Anything can be enjoyed here, the sand, the air, the situation, and the water.

Sunset in Bali

Kuta is a great place for a family holiday. Take the kids, and they will be delighted to play on the sand or swim in the water nearby the beach. The parents themselves are able to just lying on the sand while enjoying the warm sunlight and looking after the kids. Kuta beach is indeed wide so that all you can see while walking around are just the beach, the white sand, and the tourists from the countries all over the world.

The waves of Kuta beach invite the surfers to test their surfing skills. Unlike the beaches some other countries, surfing in Kuta beach are safe from any sharks attack. An event like Surfing Competition is sometimes held in Kuta as well as the other events like Volley ball competition and Kuta Carnival. The carnival in Kuta is as much glorious as the festival in Chinatown, Singapore, or the harvest festival in Malaysia.

Beach in Bali

The most exciting thing in Kuta is its sunset. Many people believe that seeing the sunset in Kuta Beach makes them feel like in paradise. The tropical air and the orange light cover the white sand on the beach which makes it extremely beautiful. With the restaurants and cafes near the sand, it is possible for you to enjoy the sunset while having some snacks, drinks, or traditional culinary there. This romantic situation in Kuta is also ideal for the newlywed, that?s why some tourists, both local and international, come to visit Kuta for their honeymoon.