The Great Blue Hole is a large blue nearly-circular shape of hole surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef in Belize, North America. With the diameter of 300 meters and 125 meters depth, the deep blue color of the hole is clearly visible compared to the greenish-blue color of waters around the hole. The Great Blue Hole is extremely popular as one of the diving spots showing rare sea creatures which cannot be found in any other diving sites.

Diving Spot

This unique gigantic hole drags divers both professional and amateur to test their diving ability. Yet, the best spot in the Great Blue Hole for the amateur divers are limited until about 12 meters from the surface of the waters. The deeper spot is only recommended for the expert and professional divers since it is quite dangerous and lack of oxygen. Various unique sea creatures including the giant ones can be found in the surface around the Great Barrier Reef. At least five types of sharks usually wander around the reefs such as bull sharks, blacktip sharks, and hammerhead sharks, but most of them won’t disturb divers unless the sharks have been disturbed first.

Other Attractions

People who aren’t too keen of diving can still find this place interesting for a ship-tour passing though the Great Blue Hole is available. Feel the fresh air slapping on the face and experience a quite scaring adventure when the ship surpassing right on the surface of the Great Blue Hole. It is scary because it seems like the ship will be sucked inside the very deep hole.

The Great Blue Hole


Most accommodations are available at the beach because it is impossible to find one surrounding the Great Blue Hole. Numerous resorts as well as five-star hotels are ready to provide people visiting the Great Blue Hole a nice cozy place to sleep. These hotels and resorts offer a special package of diving around and inside the Great Blue Hole in addition to a tour around the Greet Barrier Reef by ferries.