Bali, also known as the island of God, is one of the best tourism places in Indonesia. From time to time, people in the world intend to Bali to visit such a beautiful island surrounded by flat sandy beaches and wavy blue water. Bali is also a well-known place for surfing so that surfers both professionals and amateurs come to Bali to test their surfing skills. Beaches and surfing places are just a little thing which makes Bali visited by millions of people each year. There are loads of invincible things of Bali that can’t be described in writings.

As one of more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia, Bali is tremendously rich in culture and tradition. Even though millions of people from different countries and traditions come to visit Bali each year, its villagers don’t forget their original culture and tradition in Bali. Some custom ceremonies, rituals, and traditions such as Ngaben, Nyepi, and traditional Bali dances are held along the year. People in Bali believes that Bali is their island and paradise where they were born, live, die, and reincarnate, so they keep undertaking the traditional ceremonies and rituals.

Ngaben Ceremony

One of the custom ceremonies in Bali is Ngaben, a cremation ceremony to bring the dead into his or her afterlife. The ceremony starts with bringing the corpse of the dead to a temple, and the family of the dead keeps nursing the corpse an alive person. On the peak of the ceremony, the corpse is put inside a buffalo or temple shaped of sarcophagus and burnt into ashes. Through this way, people believe that the dead will get a new life by reincarnating into the family. That’s why during the Ngaben ceremony, people don’t feel sad because the think that the dead will come back to their family. This unique tradition of Ngaben which has been performed for centuries describes how people in Bali preserve their customs.

Tradisional Balinese Dance

Not only the ceremonies, Balinese people also maintain their traditional arts and dances including Barong Dance, Legong Dance, Kecak Dance, and Janger Dance. These traditional dances are performed everyday in many places in Bali such as hotels, restaurants, and theaters. The dances impress the tourists with its beautiful, supple, and firm movement creating a weird atmosphere among the viewers. Overall, Bali and its culture always bewitch the tourists to come back to the beautiful island of Bali.