Besides the massive buildings, holy river, and great lake, India draws out tourists’ attention with the festivals. Series of festivals are held by the Indians to celebrate many things and the ways the Indian people celebrate the festivals are enticing and unique. Among all festivals held in India, Holi, Diwali, and Lohri are considered as the most favorite festivals by the Indians.

Holi is probably the most awaited festival for Indians people all over the world. It is usually celebrated between February and March depending on the Hindu Calendar. Indian people staying outside India usually attempt to get back to their native country to celebrate Holi. If the people can’t afford going back to India, they will just celebrate the event in their places. The celebration of Holi starts from the night by setting a bonfire, and continues on the day by rubbing or puring colorful water to the other people. People attending the Holi festival will feel the joy and festive of the festivals.
Holi 2012

Indian people celebrate Diwali, also called Deepavali, by setting firecrackers on the streets. Sweets are exchanged, and more lamps are turned on during the Diwali festival. Moreover, temples are also decorated with lamps to celebrate the Diwali because the name of the festival itself means flame of candles or lamps. Some legends like the Returns of Rama, Return of Pandavas, Lord Khrisna destroyed Narasuka, and Incarnation of Goddess Lakhsmi are believed to be the history of Diwali festival.
Diwali 2012

Lohri is the festival celebrated by the Punjabi people in India on January 13. The Punjabi people celebrate Lohri by setting a camp fire and revolve around the fire while saying Gayatri Mantra. After that, kids are allowed to play around the fire while sing and dance. The cold weather of the season are warmed up by the bonfire so that the family can freely chat each other and eat traditional Indian food which are made specially for the event.
Lohri Festival