Ugadi / Telugu New Year

Ugadi, also known as Ougadi or Telugu New Year, is a Hindu festival celebrated in some Hindu majority countries such as India and Mauritius. The festival is celebrated on around March every year to commemorate the day when Lord Brahma began his auspicious creation and the day when Krishna, the avatar of Lord Vishnu, died in 3101 BC.

Date of Ugadi
Ugadi is celebrated on the first date of Chaitra month in Hindu calendar. Since traditional Hindu calendar has a different date calculation with Gregorian calendar, the date of Ugadi in Gregorian calendar keeps changing from year to year. Usually, Ugadi is celebrated on between March and April.

When is Ugadi 2014?
Ugadi 2014 falls on Monday, 31 March 2014.

When is Ugadi 2013?
Ugadi 2013 falls on Thursday, 11 April 2013.

Origin of Ugadi
The word Ugadi is derived from “Yuga” (meaning beginning) and “Adi” (meaning era). Thus, literally Ugadi means the beginning of new ear or simply New Year in Telugu. According to Hindu beliefs, Ougadi was the day when Lord Brahma created the universe and its whole content. It is also believed that Krishna, the complete incarnation of Hindu God, Vishnu, was died on Ougadi in 3101 BC.

Ugadi 2013 Celebration
People celebrate Ugadi by visiting their families, relatives, or neighbors and have lunch or dinner together. Therefore, there is a tradition to clean the house and buy new clothes before celebrating Ugadi. In this case, both people and the houses will be in their best state when the relatives and neighbors come to visit.

During Ougadi, people also take a ritual bath, pray for good health and good luck, as well as decorate the house with mango leaves and rangolis in the hope that they will get a better life in the upcoming year. In the evening, people also visit the temples to attend religious gatherings and listen to the predictions for the coming year.

Happy Ugadi 2014 !
Happy Telugu New Year 2014 !