2012 Federal Holidays in United States

The United States does not have legal national holidays where all employees in the U.S. receive a day free from work and all business is halted. The U.S. Federal government recognize only holidays that pertain to its own employees, thus called as “US Federal Holidays”. It is at the discretion of each state or local jurisdiction to determine official holiday schedules.

However, since the US Federal holidays is often adopted as official holidays in many institution, it is usually accepted as de factor guide for determining holiday dates.

There are eleven such US Federal holidays, ten annual and one quadrennial holiday. The annual Federal holidays are widely observed by state and local governments; however, they may alter the dates of observance or add or subtract holidays according to local custom. There are also U.S. state holidays particular to individual U.S. states.

List of US Federal Holidays Calendar

Based on the Uniform Holidays Bill of 1968 (taking effect in 1971), all official holidays are observed on Monday, with exception for New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Most retail businesses close on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but remain open on all other holidays. Private businesses often observe only the “big six” holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). Some also add the Friday after Thanksgiving, or one or more of the other federal holidays.

List United States of America Federal Holidays Date

United States 2012 Holidays Calendar – 2012 Federal Holidays
List of US Federal Holidays in 2012 Calendar Year:

New Years Day
International New Year’s Day
January 1
Monday, 2 January 2012

Martin L King’s Day
Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
3rd Monday in January
Monday, 16 January 2012

Presidents’ Day
Washington’s Birthday**
3rd Monday in February
Monday, 20 February 2012

Memorial Day
Last Monday in MayMemorial Day 2012
Monday, 28 May 2012

Independence Day
July 4Independence Day 2012
Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Labor Day
International Labour Day
1st Monday in September
Monday, 3 September 2012

Columbus Day
2nd Monday in OctoberColumbus Day 2012
Monday, 8 October 2012

Veteran’s Day
Veterans Day was formerly called Armistice Day.
November 11
Monday, 12 November 2012

Thanksgiving Day
4th Thursday in November
Thanksgiving Day 2012
Thursday, 22 November 2012

Christmas Day
Christmas 2012
December 25
Tuesday, 25 December 2012

* New Year’s Day 1 January 2012 falls on a Sunday. Thus for most Federal employees, holiday will be replaced to Monday, 2 January 2012.

** Veteran’s Day 11 November 2012 falls on a Sunday. Thus for most Federal employees, holiday will be replaced to Monday, 12 November 2012.

Happy US Holidays 2012 ! Happy Federal Holidays 2012 !