Taiwan probably do not much advertise themselves in case of tourism sites, but it possesses great vacation places scattered in some areas of Taiwan. Everyone of every ages will be able to find something to do starting from shopping, sightseeing, until visiting many famous temples. Taiwan even has one of the third highest building in the world – Taipei 101. On the contrary to what people talk about Taiwan as a traditional state, this country is really progressing in case of modern technology and architecture.

Decide where to go in Taiwan

A number of attractions offered in considerable places in Taiwan, for instance, forest, national parks, lake and also big cities. Some visitors’ favorite places are Kenting National Park, Alishan Forest, and Sun Moon Lake, all of them are easy to access and well-facilitated. Kenting National Park is located in Kenting, a small town in Taiwan, with the width around 467 hectares. It is the house for numerous species of birds, macaques, insects, reptiles, and about 1,200 species of plants. During fall, various kinds of birds fly from the north towards Genting National Park to spend Winter in a warmer place. Alishan Forest is dominated by old giant cypresses, and some of the cypresses are approximately 300 years old. This forest is also famous for its stunningly gorgeous sunrise which can be clearly seen from the high peak of Alishan forest. The last one, Sun Moon Lake is as romantic as its name by the reason of its clear blue water and elegant view of hills and mountains as the background of the lake. Couples in Taiwan conclude Sun Moon lake as their favorite destination for honeymoon.

Kenting National Park

Transportation towards Taiwan

Two ways are possible to reach Taiwan, by plane and by boat. Heading to Taiwan by plane is obviously faster, but it is also higher in cost. Eva Airways is considered as the most popular airline in Taiwan for it is incredibly safe – even accredited as one of the safest airlines in the world. The other popular airline, China Airlines, has a bad record in case of accident seeing that there were 12 crashes of China Airlines in 30 years. Some other available airlines in and out Taiwan are Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and many more. Contrarily to the plane, getting in a boat towards Taiwan will take much time but less money. These boats can be taken from Japan, China, and also Hong kong for about 34.5 until 42.7 USD. It takes about 10 days to reach Taiwan by boat, so most of the boats are completed with beds, toilets, and canteens or restaurants. Anyone objecting to feel marine atmosphere for a long time can choose the plane instead of boat.

Eva Airways


People in Taiwan can hardly speak English, but most of them speak Mandarin and Taiwanese. As a result, tourists from Europe, America, Africa, or other countries who do not speak Mandarin will find it difficult to communicate with local citizen. Things are getting more complicated for the public announcement as well as transportation are also written in Mandarin and Taiwanese. Yet, English-speaking tourists don’t have to worry because most staffs of tourism sites in Taiwan are able to speak English. The government in Taiwan pays attention to the importance of English by encouraging younger people in Taiwan start learning English in both oral and written.

Public Sign in Taiwan