Vernal Equinox Day / Shunbun no Hi

Vernal Equinox Day (also known as Spring Equinox Day or Shunbun No Hi) is one of Japanese public holidays observed on 20 or 21 March every year. In this day, the length of day and night is almost the same all over the world. People in Japan celebrate the holiday as a day to commune with nature and show their care to all living things.

When is Vernal Equinox Day 2014?
Vernal Equinox Day is celebrated on 20 or 21 March every year. In order to determine the accurate date of Vernal Equinox Day, Japanese government do not officially declare the date until February in the preceding year. Spring Equinox Day 2014 in Japan falls on Thursday, 20 March 2014.

Origin of Vernal Equinox Day
Formerly, the date of Vernal Equinox Day was celebrated as Shunki k?reisai, a Shintoism event in Japan. In 1948, the government repackaged Shunki k?reisai as a non-religious holiday and renamed it Vernal Equinox Day. Vernal Equinox Day is then observed as a public holiday throughout Japan until recently.

Vernal Equinox Day 2014 Celebrations
During this holiday, many people in Japan visit Buddhist temples to attend special services and events. Many others visit the graves of their family to clean the graves, offer flowers and food, as well as burn incense. This tradition runs to pay respect to the ancestors and solace their spirits.

Happy Vernal Equinox Day 2014 !