Viernes Santo 2014
Viernes Santo or Good Friday is a Christian festival commemorating crucifixion and death of Jesus. It is an important festival in the Christian religion because it symbolize the sacrifice made by Jesus as salvation for human beings.

When is Viernes Santo 2014?
Viernes Santo 2014 falls on Friday, 18 April 2014, 2 days before Pascua de Resurreccion (Easter) celebration.

Viernes Santo 2014 Celebrations
Viernes Santo 2014 is important celebration in most Western countries as well as many other countries where Christianity is recognized; and especially so in many Spanish speaking countries like Puerto Rico, Panama, Columbia, Mexico. Even in Philippines, where English is more commonly spoken than Spanish, Good Friday is known more as Viernes Santo or Biyernes Santo.

Beside the religious importance, Viernes Santo is also noted by non-Christians, since that it always fall on Friday thus mark as start of 3 or 4 days long weekend. Many use this as opportunity to travel.

Happy Viernes Santo 2014 !