The United States of America has many places which are as much exciting as New York. One of the places is Chicago, the Windy City. It is believed as the largest metropolitan area in the Midwest of the USA. Some fascinating old buildings with different architecture style which were built on the 19th century can be found in Chicago. Chicago also offers a great view of Lake Michigan which is located near the city. Some historical places are located in Chicago such as cemeteries, fields, and towers.

Cemeteries in Chicago

Cemetery in Chicago

Three most famous historical cemeteries in Chicago are Oakwood, Rosehill, and Graceland Cemetery. The Oakwood Cemetery lies on the south of Chicago and has a great number of graves of the war prisoners. Both Rosehill and Graceland are situated in the north of Chicago. Visiting these three cemeteries brings you to the history of Chicago in the past and enables you to see the historical architecture and sculpture.


Getting an accommodation to stay in Chicago is not a big matter. Plenty of luxurious five stars hotels that are once visited by famous artists, actors, or singer, are available throughout the city. Having low budget, visitors can choose the cheaper motels or inns in Chicago. They won’t be difficult to find since the number of small and cheap motels and inns are the same as the number of some big and luxurious hotels. Visitors can choose the one that meets their budgets.


Things to Do in Chicago

It is not recommended to stay in the hotel for the whole day while you are in Chicago because there are a lot of interesting activities await there. The activities include visiting the Willis Tower, where visitors can go up to the 103rd floor in one minute, and visiting the Navy Pears, a place for sightseeing, shopping, dining, riding, or even golfing in a miniature golf. The other great places in Chicago are the Art Institute of Chicago and the Wrigley Field. The Art Institute of Chicago or the second largest museum in the USA has the collection of 30 paintings from the world famous painters. The Wrigley Field gives the experience of touring to get information about the history of the park. The tour of the Wrigley Field can only be accessed from April to October with an entrance fee.