Australia offers some wonderful places where people can observe whales in certain season, usually during Winter, when the whales migrate from the Antarctic to find a warmer place. These whale watching spots in Australia become the main destination of tourists because whales are not the types of animals available at the zoo so that it’s rather difficult to find a place to observe this biggest type of mammal in the world. The whale watching spots are available in several West and South territories of Australia, and here are some best whale watching spots there.

Herver Bay

Herver Bay

Herver Bay in Queensland is one of the best place to watch whale in Australia. There are 4 kinds of whale watching tours provided in this bay i.e. Morning Whale Watching Cruise, Evening Whale Watching Cruise, 3/4 Day Whale Watching Cruise and Fraser Island and Whale Watching. All tours are available from the beginning of August until the end of October due to the biggest chance of seeing whale in that period. The common type of whales sighted in Herver Bay is the huge Humpback with a couple of gigantic wing-like flippers. Humpback whale is known as the fifth largest from all types of whales. Besides whale watching, the visitors are able to enjoy the other kinds of attractions like swimming in the water park, fishing in the waters full of various kinds of fish, and bird watching in the woods of Herver Bay.

Gold Coast

In the Gold Coast, the visitors observe the whale from a luxury vessel captained by a professional who locates the vessel in a very strategic position to view the whale. In order to provide the visitors the best angle to watch the whales, a special deck giving a full view of the whale are placed inside the vessel. Moreover, limited number of people are allowed to get inside the vessel at once, so the visitors’ comfort in watching the whales is guaranteed. Just like in the Herver Bay, the type of the whale which can be seen in the Gold Coast is the Humpback Whale. From the special view deck of the vessels, people can also see birds, turtles, and dolphins aside from the whales.


This popular city in Australia is also popular for its whale watching attraction. Many people prefer coming to Sydney for whale watching rather than visiting other whale watching spots in Australia because the visitors can hardly fail to find a whale to watch from one whale watching vessel in Sydney. In addition to whale, the visitors can also see the dolphins, seals, and some sea birds from the vessel. For the visitors who forgot to bring their cameras, a professional photographer is ready to capture the sighted whales on a photograph. Another reason why people choose to watch whales in Sydney is because this city provides a lot of attractive attractions other than whale watching.