White Day

White Day is a special event observed mostly by teenagers and young adults in Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan every 14 March, a month after Valentine’s Day. In this event, men are likely to return the favor of women who gave them chocolates or handmade gifts on the previous Valentine’s Day. In exchange of what they receive on Valentine’s Day, men usually present chocolates, cookies, or jewelries to the women.

When is White Day 2014?
White Day 2014 falls on Friday, 14 March 2014.

The Origin of White Day
The celebration of White Day was began on 1978 in Japan. A confectionery company in Fukuoka produced marshmallows on around 14 March 1977 and called the day as Marshmallow Day for men. Soon after that, many confectionery companies produced white chocolates, dark chocolates and sweets near 14 March by reason that men should present the girls with chocolates or gifts in return of Valentine’s Day. This tradition of White Day continues today, and men in Japan, South Korea, and China feel obliged to present something for the girls giving them presents on Valentine’s Day.

White Day Celebration in Japan
In Japan, men celebrate White Day by giving white chocolates, cookies, marshmallows, or even white lingerie to their lovers or the ones giving them presents on the previous Valentine’s Day. Sometimes, the amount or value of chocolates or gifts given by the men during White Day is double or triple the amount or value of things given by the women on Valentine’s Day. In Japan, this tradition is known as “sanbai gaeshi” which means “triple the return”.

White Day Celebration in South Korea
During White Day, men in South Korea usually give candies instead of chocolates to the girls giving them presents on the last Valentine’s Day. There isn’t any obligation, formal or informal, for the boys in South Korea to give the girls more presents than what the boys received during Valentine’s Day. Those who weren’t given anything on Valentine’s Day usually observe “Black Day” by eating jajangmyeon (Korean noodle with black bean sauce) together to celebrate their singleness.

Happy White Day 2014 !