World Health Day

World Health Day is an annual commemoration sponsored by World Health Organization (WHO). It is celebrated on 7 April every year to commemorate the founding of WHO on 7 April 1948. The purpose of World Health Day celebration is to raise people’s awareness concerning global health.

When is World Health Day 2014?
World Health Day 2014 falls on Monday, 7 April 2014.

Origin of World Health Day
On 7 April 1948, the World Health Organization was established to deal with health issues and improve many aspects of health around the world. In the same year, the First World Health Assembly was held and the delegates suggested for a celebration of the anniversary of the World Health Organization founding day with the purpose of drawing people’s attention towards global health. Following the suggestion, the inaugural World Health Day was observed on 7 April 1950, and the celebration of World Health Day continues down to date.

2013 World Health Day Celebration
Most countries in the world do not celebrate World Health Day as a public holiday. The event is usually celebrated by governments and non-governmental institutions by organizing various activities in order to raise people’s attention concerning global health issues. The activities may include seminars, public speakings, counselings, as well as discussion forums with global health issues as the main topic.

Happy World Health Day 2014 !