World Population Day

World Population Day is an international event to raise awareness of population issues around the world. It is celebrated on 11 July every year since 1989. 11 July was chosen as the date of World Population Day following the birth of a baby boy in Yugoslavia on 11 July 1987. The baby was proclaimed as the five billionth inhabitant of the world, so 11 July 1987 was famous as the Day of Five Billion.

When is World Population Day 2014?
World Population Day 2014 falls on Friday, 11 July 2014.

When is World Population Day 2015?
World Population Day 2015 falls on Saturday, 11 July 2015.

Origin of World Population Day
On July 11, 1987, a baby boy which was believed as the five billionth people in the world was born in Yugoslavia. The day was commemorated as Day of Five Billion, and the celebration attracted people’s attention from many countries around the world. The United Nations then made use the day to raise awareness about reproduction and population issues as well as the implications to the environment. Thus, since 1989, 11 July has been commemorated as the World Population Day.

World Population Day Celebration
World Population Day is not a public holiday, yet, many kinds of activities held to celebrate this global event. The activities such as seminars, public discussions, debate competitions, and counseling concerning population, maternal health, and gender equality are organized by governments as well as non-governmental organizations around the world. Schools and campuses also bring the issues of population to the classroom during World Population Day.

Happy World Population Day 2014 !