Marrakech is a place where everything is in contrast. A lot of ancient landmarks and mosques can be found here. One of the beautiful mosques has to be the Koutoubia Mosque. It is such a beautiful sight at night when it is all lit up. During the day, walk around its outstanding gardens, it is so well taken care of that the gardens are just perfect. Run your hands along the walls of the Bahia Palace which is intricately done from ceiling to floor. You can see every detail that was put into the palace features making it one of the most beautifully done palaces you will ever see. Another palace, the El Badi Palace, is also open for touring. What was once adorned with exquisite gold and ivory are now just ruins but still enough to make you see what it once was; a majestic sight. Take time in venturing the city and you will all the beauty that it possesses.